The CSK Sheet Metals Company

CSK Sheet Metals is acustom metal fabrications company in Brisbane, Queensland. CSK has modified equipment for many needs and purposes. We can even refurbish your existing equipment to suit your specifications.

Metal Fabrication

CSK Sheet Metals is the custom sheet metal fabrication business of CSK Group specialising in construction of air ducting for commercial purposes. We will custom build steel shelving or trollies to your specifications.

CSK Sheet Metals is well equipped to meet all your steel fabrication and ducting needs. Adding an outdoor room to your commercial building can add value and enhance your property. Polycarbonate roofing is the best roofing solution to maximise the light within your roof area. Polycarbonate roofing profiles match the above steel range and include 10 colours to choose from. There are three levels of polycarbonate to choose from:. – level one: everyday solasafe available in seven colours with varying heat and light transmissions. – level two: available in two colours with softer light and less heat transmission. – level three: heat reduced metallic sheet in two colours- suited for hot climates.

The success and growth of CSK sheet metal over the past several years can be attributed to the qality focus of the business, the staff are committed to quality manufacturing, training, education and embracing technology and equipment improvements that will ensure that CSK sheetmetal will continue to expand and deliver first-rate products and services to their customers in the years to come.

Sheet metal designs are not done in a standardized way. Information needed to manufacture the part is sometimes missing from the model. This is very important for companies that do not create formally released drawings for their sheet metal parts.

CSK Sheet metal are trained and equipped to handle anything from routine maintenance on a residential system to complete turnkey installations for commercial environments.