Shakers, Stirrers and Mixers


Shakers are known as dependable operation and innovative design. We offers a wide range of selection in the industry, with more than 40 models available to suit your exact needs. Feature the triple-eccentric drive for uniformed motion and great reliability under the most adverse conditions. Many of these shakers are now providing the convenience of a programmable controller for automating multiple changes to temperature, speed and running time. Some of the shakers have lower profile enabling them to fit on or under lab bench.

Why Shakers?

Shakers are quiet, they are providing more favorable work environment, which include a wide variety of interchangeable accessory platforms. Shakers are available to accommodate trays, culture tubes and flasks. Platforms from previous model can be used.

Shakers are available with some form of temperature control to incubate, foster, retard reactions, and maintain stasis specially for blood storage system. There are many kinds of laboratory shakers available from our laboratory equipment service, which are categorized by their manner of shaking motion. While the list is not all inclusive, it does covering the most common styles. In reciprocating motion devices, the shaker moves alternately back and forth. Rocking motion devices are capable for rocking or seesaw motion. Rolling devices slide from side to side and slight upward, then downward again. Three distinct lines are described as the top of the lines including several space-saving stackable models.

How it works

Shakers are available with a temperature control system to perform incubating, fostering or retarding reactions or for maintaining stasis. Reciprocal shakers are perfect for general needs for laboratory products. These shakers are designed for simple operation, and they are easy maintenance. Reciprocal shakers work in a reciprocal motion alternatively backward and forward and apart from mixing needs. They can also be used for staining and washing blots. Rocking shakers are typically featured a rocking or seesaw motion. Shakers are available with cords, timers, motors, air regulators and lubricators. Shakers are available in models that furnish, elliptical, vertical and horizontal shaking capacities including reliability or fatigue displacement range, acceleration range and elliptical displacement range.

What are shakers for

Shakers are ideal for almost any vessel from microcentrifuge tubes to conical flasks. It is not the same as catering supplies or commercial kitchen. Shakers are available with either orbital actions where the platform moves in a circular orbit or a reciprocating linear movement where the platform moves back and forth repeatedly. An orbital action provides a swirling action. A linear shaker is more aggressive making it ideally for different applications such as extractions. A flask shaker move directly to the sample vessel rather than via a platform. The sample vessel is typically a flask or a bottle. It is clamped around the neck and shaken in a pivotal motion. This type of aggressive shaking action would be generated when the flask is shaken by hand. You could use this piece of equipment for solvent extraction. Rockers work in a similar way but are less aggressive on the sample.

ideally for delicate cell culturing

Rockers utilise either a see saw action. Whereas the platform rocks on a central point, or a gentler gyratory action, and the platform moves in a three dimensional motion about the central point. A see saw action provides a wave motion in the sample ideally for washing. A 3D gyratory action gently swirls the sample, making it ideally for delicate cell culturing, staining and de-staining procedures. In many cases, a tier system is required where magnetic platforms can be stacked to increase capacity without increasing the footprint.

Our shakers, mixers and stirrers are the latest generation of its kind. We also offer other scientific equipment like flasks, tubes, and orbital rotator for your complete laboratory operation.