Scientific Equipment

Difference between scientific and laboratory equipment

Scientific equipment forms a specific subset of laboratory equipment but they have considerably more sophistication and specialisation than ordinary scales, chronometer, meter scales, thermometers and generators. Computers are widely used to improve control and enhance the instrumentation aspects of scientific equipment.

Image of Scientific Equipment by CSK Scintific

Scientific Equipment by CSK Scintific

This equipment can also be used as a part of the LAN (Local area network) and they can also be fitted to form a part of LIMS (Laboratory information management system). Scientific equipment can be as small as a microscope or as large as an article collider. The software industry now works in tandem with CSK Scientific scientific equipment distributors to produce low investment hardware which can be effectively used for scientific measurements.

Features of the scientific equipment DNA sequencer

A DNA sequencer is a kind of scientific equipment which is manufactured to automate the DNA sequencing process. The scientific composition of bases like adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine are determined through a DNA sequences.

Light signals emerging from fluorochrome particles trapped inside nucleotides are also analyzed by these sequencers. Many high quality sequencers can do batch runs and give 24 hours of continuous service per day. The peak reading, size separation, sequencing reactions and resuspensions should be done separately in different mediums.

Features of a caliper – scientific equipment

Callipers are devices which can be effectively used to measure the total distance between two furthest sides of an object. Callipers are scientic equipment which can also serve as compass with dual facing points. The tip of a caliper is adjusted across the point of measurement and then the distance is calculated using a measuring tool. A ruler can be used to read the distances as shown by this scientific equipment. Callipers see a lot of use in science labs, mechanical engineering departments and forestry.

Different kinds of microscope

Microscopes are scientific equipment which can be used to observe scientific data that are too small for the naked eye. There are a lot of different types of microscopes in the market and most of them are dependant on separate manufacturing processes. The first microscope scientific equipment was the optical microscope. The other kinds are electron microscopes scanning electron microscope and the probe microscope.

The functions of a spectrometer

A scientific equipment that is used to measure the varying properties of light rays as demonstrated by the electromagnetic spectrum is the spectrometer. The measurement of the intensity and the polarization of light is effectively done by the spectrometer. Spectral lines are produced and this scientific equipment can identify gamma rays, x rays and infra red rays too.

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