Orbital Shakers

Orbital shakers when you require stirring

Orbital shakers are products which have a board that shakes in an orbital or circular motion, in chemistry, biology or any other laboratory. Orbital shakers typically stir liquids, held in a jar, test tube, beaker, vials or flasks. Apart from this, there are other shakers too, which shake the content in a horizontal, vertical or other motion.

Image of Orbital Shakers by CSK Scintific

Scientific products by CSK Scientific

Orbital shakers are now being replaced by magnetic stirrers, but are still preferred in some cases, if the volume is high. CSK Scientific Orbital shakers, like other biological stirrers/ shakers are dependable and are widely used in laboratories and some specific industries, requiring stirring of content to produce a specific product.

Features of the Orbital shakers

Orbital shakers are consistent and dependable. They can run for varying periods of time and with different speeds. The speed and time can be customized as per the ingredient/ liquid used. Some orbital shakers also have incubators for products requiring stirring and heating.

The items are protected in a double walled enclosure for the purpose. Orbital stirrers shakers are durable, and can have a glass in the front, for better visibility from outside. The speed and intensity of the shaking platform in orbital shakers are controlled by digital speed meter (also known as RPM counter).

Benefits of Orbital Shakers

Many orbital stirrers shakers have slow motion during start, reducing the risk of spills. They have RPM counter, which makes the speed consistent, enhancing the effect of stirring. Orbital shakers also have effective insulation, helping maintain temperature inside the incubator.