Medical Equipment

CSK Group Medical equipment introduction

Image of medical equipment by CSK Scientific

Medical equipment is any apparatus, instrument, implant or in vitro reagent or other similar or associated devices that are used in the identification, monitoring and / or treatment of different medical conditions. Such equipments are extensively used in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, research institutes, specific industries and even in residences.

Medical equipment works primarily through mechanical, thermal or physical applications in contrast to medicinal products that act through metabolic and pharmacological actions.

Types of Medical Equipment

Medical equipment can be as simple as a home thermometer to something as complex as an MRI machine. Significant strides in the field of biomedical engineering have resulted in the development of sophisticated equipments that conform to the high standards set by the healthcare industry worldwide. Accordingly, medical equipment can be categorized into several segments.

There are diagnostic equipments that form an integral part of any type of medical diagnosis. Such equipments include medical imaging gadgets like MRI and ultrasound machines, CT scanner, PET scanner and much more.

Medical monitors are another category of medical equipment by CSK Scientific that is used to monitor and evaluate a patient’s condition. EEG machine, ECG machine, blood pressure monitoring gadget etc are a few examples of equipments used to monitor patient condition.

Another important segment of medical equipment comprises of laboratory equipments. Such equipments are used to analyze urine, blood, sputum or genes in hospitals and research centres.