Lab Freezers

Lab freezers essential part if science labs

Lab freezers or pharmacy freezers form an essential part of most science labs as they demonstrate a perfect means of reliability and security needed to handle sensitive scientific samples. Laboratory refrigerators and lab freezers by CSK Scientific are used to maintain sub zero temperature and a tightly controlled environment for storage.

Image of Lab Freezers by CSK Scintific

Scientific products by CSK Scintific

There are separate storage accessories like dividers, racks, shelves and storage units in different kinds of lab freezers. There are many manufacturers who sell these kinds of freezers.

Why are lab freezers used?

Scientific data or samples are usually delicate and temperature sensitive which is why they have to store at predetermined ultra low temperatures. Refrigerators are used in labs to store experimental analysis products.

Temperature uniformity and safe handling conditions are the two major advantages of purchasing refrigerating solutions. Under-counter refrigerators with either solid door or glass door options are manufactured by sellers of lab freezers. General purpose refrigerators with different volume capacities are also stored.

Glass door refrigerators with single/double/triple door features are manufactured by lab freezers seller. Other products include chromatography refrigerators and variously designed laboratory combination units.

Ultra low temperature lab freezers

Sometimes scientific work done in research labs is so sensitive that the samples need to be cryopreserved at ultra low temperature providing lab freezers. There are freezers available which can dip the temperatures to -40 degrees centigrade to -150 degrees centigrade. Samples of whole blood, plasma extracts, serum, cellular fluids and other tissue samples may be stored in these ultra low lab freezers.

These lab freezers are compact and they can save you a lot of space in your laboratory. There are several distinctive features like an excellent refrigeration system, strong cabinet constructions and closely controlled state of the art systems. You can also fit in external monitoring systems for retrofitting and this will allow you to store your precious samples securely inside these lab freezers. Three kinds of ultra low temperature freezers are upright low temp freezers, benchtop freezers and portable freezers.