Laboratory Equipment

Common types of laboratory equipment

Apparatus used in laboratories for performing various experiments is known as laboratory equipment. There is a huge variety of CSK Scientific laboratory equipment available in the market by various manufacturers. Chemical labs, biochemistry research labs, physics labs and all other kinds of science labs have ample use of various kinds of equipment. If you are buying scientific equipment then you should check the manufacturers’ credentials thoroughly as the quality is of paramount importance here.

Flasks are one of the most common types of laboratory equipment

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Laboratory Equipment by CSK Scintific

Flasks can be made out of glass, plastic or some compound polymer. There are multiple uses of flasks but the principle functions are storage, measurement and heating of different lab liquids. Laboratory equipment like flasks is also used for mixing various substances in order to form a compound.

The Eirenmeyer flask deserves a special mention as it has an interesting shape with a super strong base which makes it ideal for heating substances fast. You will also find Florence flasks and volumetric flasks as a part of laboratory equipment. It’s important to correlate the features of the flasks with your laboratory equipment needs before you make a purchase decision.

Pipettes and measurement apparatus

Laboratory scientific work also includes the measurement and usage of precisely controlled quantities of substances. Pipptes are a kind of laboratory equipment which is apt for this kind of work. The design of pipettes is done in a way so that extremely small measurement of liquids can be done. A pipette bulb will suck in the liquid or the specific solution by a strong suction force. There are other types of measuring apparatus like graduated cylinders and beakers which are manufactured by laboratory equipment manufacturers.