Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

CSK Scientific centrifuge tube testWelcome to CSK Scientific, part of the CSK Group. CSK Scientific is Laboratory Equipment Suppliers and proud to be the nominated sales & service agent for Thermoline Scientific for the QLD and NT region. Thermoline Scientific have been manufacturing scientific and Laboratory Equipment in Australia since 1970.

CSK Labtronics

Labtronics Equipment Servicing can help with Laboratory Equipment, Hematolgy and chemistry and wide variety of second hand hematology instruments of various leading manufacturers. Chemical equipment second hand refurbished, laboratory instruments service, repair and calibration.

Scientific and Laboratory Equipment

CSK Scientific is proud to be the nominated sales & service agent for Thermoline Scientific for Brisbane, QLD and NT region. All Thermoline scientific and lab equipment you order through CSK Scientific has been manufactured to stringent standards. The equipment is also checked and tested to ensure you receive the highest possible quality and reliability.

Pharmacies and Laboratories

CSK Scientific Lab EquipmentLaboratory supply staff are adequately informed about the physical and health hazards present in the laboratory, the known risks and what to do if an accident occurs. Every laboratory worker must be trained to know the location and proper use of available personal protective clothing and equipment.

Scientific Tools and Equipment

The lab contains four lab stations that consist of workbench table, data acquisition system (panel to connect instruments like shakers, stirrers and the computer. The lab also contain two wind tunnels, dehydrator ovens, incubators, a blood refrigeration station, circulation baths and a pressure differential calibration station. Without impacting our ability to process samples and meet our client’s requirements. Both laboratory instrument areas are completely carpeted to reduce the chance of sample breakage.We refer to the basic rules and procedures for working with chemicals section of this manual for information on the use of personal protective clothing and equipment.For all your demands in laboratory equipment supplies and scientific products, CSK Laboratory in Brisbane can deliver your needs at no big cost.