Laboratory Incubators

Laboratory Incubators

Incubators come in a large variety of variety of forms and have a large variety of possible functions.  These can be from a simple heat only incubator relying on natural convection to distribute heat around the chamber.  This is commonly known as a gravity incubator.  The other end of the scale is a refrigerated, humidity controlled as well as atmosphere with varied lighting.  Incubators are generally at a lower temperature than ovens or dehydrating ovens.

Heat Only Incubators

Heat only Incubators come as either a gravity incubator or as a fan forced incubator. Each type of incubator has advantages over the other depending on end user requirements.  A fan forced incubator will typically have a better spatial distribution of temperature.  The downside may be that air movement within the chamber may upset small sample or even cause evaporation of open plates.  In this case a gravity or natural convection incubator may be the answer.  The minimum temperature that these incubators can achieve is determined by the prevailing ambient conditions.  A general rule would be you can control at five degrees above the ambient conditions in the laboratory.

Refrigerated Incubators

Refrigerated Incubators allow the user to hold temperatures at near ambient or below.  Some cabinets available through CSK Scientific can go to zero centigrade.

Shaking Incubators

Shaking Incubators allow the user to agitate a sample at a known temperature. These Shaking Incubators can be heat only or refrigerated.  CSK Scientific can supply several models both heat only and refrigerated as well as accessories such as flask clips and universal trays.

Incubators with Lighting

Incubators with Lighting are often used is plant growth or even insect studies.  These incubators are often refrigerated and work on a system of Diurnal control using timers, programmable controllers or a combination of both to achieve day/ night simulations. The lighting can be situated on the door or the back wall and often in the case of plant growth in the form of shelf lighting.

Incubators with humidity Control

Humidity Control addsmore options to the incubator and what it can be used for.  Long term product testing or even packaging testing is often carried out using temperature and humidity cabinets. With the addition of lighting the cabinet

Plant Growth Cabinets

Plant Growth Cabinets can come in several forms and sizes.  They are essentially incubators with lighting with differing levels of control of other conditions.  The lights can in several forms dependant on required spectrum and intensity.  Humidity control is often used as is CO2 control.  Cabinets can be from single door fridge size units up to 6 cubic metre or even dedicated rooms with control units installed.  Controls can be quite simple up to units with touch screen auto logging features.  CSK Scientific can supply a variety of units with room to modify to the specific need of our customer.

CO2 Incubators

A CO2 incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. The incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity (in a variety of ways) while maintaining the desired CO2 and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside.  Some CO2 Incubators also use nitrogen to further displace the oxygen.

CO2 controllers can also be used in plant growth cabinets and is often an option required by our customers.

Repair, Service and Custom Manufacture

CSK Scientific has the ability to provide not only sales of all types of incubators but also provide repair and maintenance as well.  We encourage any customers wanting repair or setting up a service regime to contact CSK Group.  Find out more through our Laboratory Equipment Service web page.

CSK Scientific through our CSK Sheet Metal and other divisions can provide one off specialty builds to suit your needs.  Previously the CSK Group have produced items such as specialized bearing freezers, thermogradient seed germination equipment and various purpose built equipment.  We can work with you to meet your requirements and suggest innovative ways of achieving them.