Blood Storage and Refrigeration

It is important to know that equipment used to store blood and blood derived products is subject to strict regulations and therefore must be certified for use. Currently all refrigerators and freezers used for the storage of Blood or Blood products must comply to AS 3864 and also any cabinets sold must be listed on the ARTG.  These regulations are to ensure that all equipment features the correct temperature control and monitoring devices, high and low temperature alarms plus temperature logging features so blood can be stored and monitored safely.

Blood Fridge

Blood fridge are in the over-wrap bag supplied. Check that the storage facilities for blood equipments have adequate areas for quarantine and that these areas are labelled and allowed for segregation. Cleaning records for blood storage equipment (fridges/freezers/agitator). Visit here to find out more about our blood refrigerator and pharmacy refrigerator.

Components and Products

Verified by physical inspection that the storage facilities are clean audit checklist activity complies different evidence between compliance and non compliance. Labelling verify correct patient demographic and blood component/product request requirements by checking the label on the request form specimen component/product patient allocation form. Collection has checked that the correct patient details and blood component details have been entered in the blood bank register by authorised persons. Patient’s hospital location blood group component/product type component/product unit number or batched into no date and time of collection.

Verify that staff collecting blood components/products present the following documents as admission sheet blood component/product allocation form. Verify that the name of the person on the blood bank register is legible. Transportation of components towards other hospital with the patient. Verify correct packaging methodology employed:-validated transport box (multiple units) audit checklist, activity complies yes/no evidence of compliance and non compliance.

Prescription check that the blood component/products were correctly prescribed by reviewing the blood prescription and transfusion support record. Prescription no date and time of prescription component/product prescribed volume and quantity prescribed the rate of transfusion requirements for prophylactic drugs reason for transfusion signature and bleep number of doctor. Laboratory equipment like CO2 incubator are spark-free to reduce the risk of internal explosion. It is essential when storing volatile liquids. In addition to temperature, protecting stock from unauthorised access is essentially ensuring safety of products. Scientific fridges and freezers are fully lockable to ensure the content remains secure and that only authorised individuals are able to access the contents. A fridge or freezer fit for laboratory use. There are various elements needed to be considered when installing and maintaining it to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible.


Laboratory are volume-dependent that all concentrations of biological and chemical components, as well as the associated dilution protocols are volume-dependent. Because analyte concentration is volume-dependent, the results might be falsely interpreted if liquid handler variability and inaccuracies are unknown or if the system(s) are not checking for a long period. X-ray crystallography is used routinely by scientists to obtain three dimensional structure of a biological molecule of interest. These information can be used to determine how a pharmaceutical interacts with a protein target and what kind of changes might improve functionality.

Laboratory are considered in developing a laboratory system. For instance, many models are available without internal spark sources, such as pushbutton light switches. As many reagents are flammable and explosive, laboratory fridge systems are generally very flexible. There are many different sizes and shapes available within most models and internal racking/compartment systems make organizing more simplier and maximizing equipment investment.

It becomes more common for institutes, departments and groups to have oversight committees to audit their equipment in attempting to provide purchase guidance and cost/benefit analyses.

Fridge and Freezers

A number of reviews have shown that buying household or commercial refrigerators and freezers is a false economy and that they cannot provide suitable terms of cold storage for research samples. What if everything in a laboratory refrigerator or freezer was lost? A sample-storage solution is designed, built and tested for laboratory use should be considered. Otherwise it is toxic to humans when ingested as liquids or solids or inhaled as gases. It makes sense to take further precautions with all substances. They can be easily absorbed into the body, so keep them out of mouth, nose, ears, eyes, and even skin.

Vesicants can attack the skin and underlying tissues that is causing dangerous. Chemical “burns” are very painful and also slow to heal because of the high degree of toxicity. Carbon monoxide is recognized as dangerous universally. Because of its colorless, odorless, tasteless, and physiological.

Laboratory are dedicated to create low temperatures on a daily basis, so that scientists can see what happens when a material is cooled to the point of almost no thermal motion, then it is put into a strong magnetic field. In a way that it can be revealed fascinating secrets about matter. For blood fridge and freezer facility in Australia, CSK Laboratory and Scientific are the best distributor to choose.