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Orbital Shakers

Orbital shakers when you require stirring

Orbital shakers are products which have a board that shakes in an orbital or circular motion, in chemistry, biology or any other laboratory. Orbital shakers typically stir liquids, held in a jar, test tube, beaker, vials or flasks. Apart from this, there are other shakers too, which shake the content in a horizontal, vertical or other motion.

Image of Orbital Shakers by CSK Scintific

Scientific products by CSK Scientific

Orbital shakers are now being replaced by magnetic stirrers, but are still preferred in some cases, if the volume is high. CSK Scientific Orbital shakers, like other biological stirrers/ shakers are dependable and are widely used in laboratories and some specific industries, requiring stirring of content to produce a specific product.

Features of the Orbital shakers

Orbital shakers are consistent and dependable. They can run for varying periods of time and with different speeds. The speed and time can be customized as per the ingredient/ liquid used. Some orbital shakers also have incubators for products requiring stirring and heating.

The items are protected in a double walled enclosure for the purpose. Orbital stirrers shakers are durable, and can have a glass in the front, for better visibility from outside. The speed and intensity of the shaking platform in orbital shakers are controlled by digital speed meter (also known as RPM counter).

Benefits of Orbital Shakers

Many orbital stirrers shakers have slow motion during start, reducing the risk of spills. They have RPM counter, which makes the speed consistent, enhancing the effect of stirring. Orbital shakers also have effective insulation, helping maintain temperature inside the incubator.

Applications of lab incubators

Lab incubators applications and experiments

All kinds of microbiology applications and experiments almost invariably depend upon Thermoline lab incubators. Whether you are interested in cultivating a specific kind of E coli sample or you are an eminent researcher working in an advanced pharmacy lab; the thermoline lab incubators are your best friend. Incubators have a wide range of applications

Image of lab incubators by CSK Scintific

Scientific products by CSK Scintific

including food processing studies, quality control work, crystallization studies and other advanced scientific work.

Hematology, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, hematology and cell biology all have lots of uses for the Thermoline lab incubators. Lab incubators vary because of three features; the range of temperature, the uniformity of temperature and the actual size of chamber. A multiple probing temperature reader is in built in lab incubators for regulating and controlling the in-built temperature.

The Thermoline lab incubator range

Thermoline lab incubators are available in a range of shapes, sizes and types. Whatever be your lab incubator specifications and budget you can find thermoline lab incubators which will fit your requirements. Some common Thermoline lab incubator varieties are blanket warmers, air jacketed CO2 lab incubators, economy incubators (for student labs), and economy refrigerated lab incubators, platelet storer and shaker incubator.
All these products are available in different sizes like 150L, 220 L, and 490 L etc. Some other Thermoline Lab incubator types are fluid warmers, refrigeration premium incubators and refrigeration shaker incubator.

What to check before buying a lab incubator

Check the instruction manual and the design specifications of the Thermoline lab incubators before you make the final purchase. Check the delivery timeline, repair facilities and on site set up facilities given by your supplier. Thermoline lab incubators are known for their high quality assurance.

Laboratory Equipment

Common types of laboratory equipment

Apparatus used in laboratories for performing various experiments is known as laboratory equipment. There is a huge variety of CSK Scientific laboratory equipment available in the market by various manufacturers. Chemical labs, biochemistry research labs, physics labs and all other kinds of science labs have ample use of various kinds of equipment. If you are buying scientific equipment then you should check the manufacturers’ credentials thoroughly as the quality is of paramount importance here.

Flasks are one of the most common types of laboratory equipment

Image of CSK Scieintific - Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Laboratory Equipment by CSK Scintific

Flasks can be made out of glass, plastic or some compound polymer. There are multiple uses of flasks but the principle functions are storage, measurement and heating of different lab liquids. Laboratory equipment like flasks is also used for mixing various substances in order to form a compound.

The Eirenmeyer flask deserves a special mention as it has an interesting shape with a super strong base which makes it ideal for heating substances fast. You will also find Florence flasks and volumetric flasks as a part of laboratory equipment. It’s important to correlate the features of the flasks with your laboratory equipment needs before you make a purchase decision.

Pipettes and measurement apparatus

Laboratory scientific work also includes the measurement and usage of precisely controlled quantities of substances. Pipptes are a kind of laboratory equipment which is apt for this kind of work. The design of pipettes is done in a way so that extremely small measurement of liquids can be done. A pipette bulb will suck in the liquid or the specific solution by a strong suction force. There are other types of measuring apparatus like graduated cylinders and beakers which are manufactured by laboratory equipment manufacturers.

Lab Freezers

Lab freezers essential part if science labs

Lab freezers or pharmacy freezers form an essential part of most science labs as they demonstrate a perfect means of reliability and security needed to handle sensitive scientific samples. Laboratory refrigerators and lab freezers by CSK Scientific are used to maintain sub zero temperature and a tightly controlled environment for storage.

Image of Lab Freezers by CSK Scintific

Scientific products by CSK Scintific

There are separate storage accessories like dividers, racks, shelves and storage units in different kinds of lab freezers. There are many manufacturers who sell these kinds of freezers.

Why are lab freezers used?

Scientific data or samples are usually delicate and temperature sensitive which is why they have to store at predetermined ultra low temperatures. Refrigerators are used in labs to store experimental analysis products.

Temperature uniformity and safe handling conditions are the two major advantages of purchasing refrigerating solutions. Under-counter refrigerators with either solid door or glass door options are manufactured by sellers of lab freezers. General purpose refrigerators with different volume capacities are also stored.

Glass door refrigerators with single/double/triple door features are manufactured by lab freezers seller. Other products include chromatography refrigerators and variously designed laboratory combination units.

Ultra low temperature lab freezers

Sometimes scientific work done in research labs is so sensitive that the samples need to be cryopreserved at ultra low temperature providing lab freezers. There are freezers available which can dip the temperatures to -40 degrees centigrade to -150 degrees centigrade. Samples of whole blood, plasma extracts, serum, cellular fluids and other tissue samples may be stored in these ultra low lab freezers.

These lab freezers are compact and they can save you a lot of space in your laboratory. There are several distinctive features like an excellent refrigeration system, strong cabinet constructions and closely controlled state of the art systems. You can also fit in external monitoring systems for retrofitting and this will allow you to store your precious samples securely inside these lab freezers. Three kinds of ultra low temperature freezers are upright low temp freezers, benchtop freezers and portable freezers.

Scientific Equipment

Difference between scientific and laboratory equipment

Scientific equipment forms a specific subset of laboratory equipment but they have considerably more sophistication and specialisation than ordinary scales, chronometer, meter scales, thermometers and generators. Computers are widely used to improve control and enhance the instrumentation aspects of scientific equipment.

Image of Scientific Equipment by CSK Scintific

Scientific Equipment by CSK Scintific

This equipment can also be used as a part of the LAN (Local area network) and they can also be fitted to form a part of LIMS (Laboratory information management system). Scientific equipment can be as small as a microscope or as large as an article collider. The software industry now works in tandem with CSK Scientific scientific equipment distributors to produce low investment hardware which can be effectively used for scientific measurements.

Features of the scientific equipment DNA sequencer

A DNA sequencer is a kind of scientific equipment which is manufactured to automate the DNA sequencing process. The scientific composition of bases like adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine are determined through a DNA sequences.

Light signals emerging from fluorochrome particles trapped inside nucleotides are also analyzed by these sequencers. Many high quality sequencers can do batch runs and give 24 hours of continuous service per day. The peak reading, size separation, sequencing reactions and resuspensions should be done separately in different mediums.

Features of a caliper – scientific equipment

Callipers are devices which can be effectively used to measure the total distance between two furthest sides of an object. Callipers are scientic equipment which can also serve as compass with dual facing points. The tip of a caliper is adjusted across the point of measurement and then the distance is calculated using a measuring tool. A ruler can be used to read the distances as shown by this scientific equipment. Callipers see a lot of use in science labs, mechanical engineering departments and forestry.

Different kinds of microscope

Microscopes are scientific equipment which can be used to observe scientific data that are too small for the naked eye. There are a lot of different types of microscopes in the market and most of them are dependant on separate manufacturing processes. The first microscope scientific equipment was the optical microscope. The other kinds are electron microscopes scanning electron microscope and the probe microscope.

The functions of a spectrometer

A scientific equipment that is used to measure the varying properties of light rays as demonstrated by the electromagnetic spectrum is the spectrometer. The measurement of the intensity and the polarization of light is effectively done by the spectrometer. Spectral lines are produced and this scientific equipment can identify gamma rays, x rays and infra red rays too.

Service of scientific equipment is a available at Labtronics Laboratory equipment service from CSK Group.

Medical Equipment

CSK Group Medical equipment introduction

Image of medical equipment by CSK Scientific

Medical equipment is any apparatus, instrument, implant or in vitro reagent or other similar or associated devices that are used in the identification, monitoring and / or treatment of different medical conditions. Such equipments are extensively used in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, research institutes, specific industries and even in residences.

Medical equipment works primarily through mechanical, thermal or physical applications in contrast to medicinal products that act through metabolic and pharmacological actions.

Types of Medical Equipment

Medical equipment can be as simple as a home thermometer to something as complex as an MRI machine. Significant strides in the field of biomedical engineering have resulted in the development of sophisticated equipments that conform to the high standards set by the healthcare industry worldwide. Accordingly, medical equipment can be categorized into several segments.

There are diagnostic equipments that form an integral part of any type of medical diagnosis. Such equipments include medical imaging gadgets like MRI and ultrasound machines, CT scanner, PET scanner and much more.

Medical monitors are another category of medical equipment by CSK Scientific that is used to monitor and evaluate a patient’s condition. EEG machine, ECG machine, blood pressure monitoring gadget etc are a few examples of equipments used to monitor patient condition.

Another important segment of medical equipment comprises of laboratory equipments. Such equipments are used to analyze urine, blood, sputum or genes in hospitals and research centres.

Scientific Laboratory Suppliers

The scientific laboratory suppliers are enterprises which work towards fulfilling the needs of research labs and science and technology hubs all across the world. Laboratories that do cutting edge biotechnology research or are immersed in the formulation on new drugs require the steady supply of plastic ware, glassware and lab supplies.

Laboratory suppliers for different types

Image of Scientific Laboratory Suppliers by CSK Scintific

Thermoline CSK Scientific (Group) laboratory suppliers are one of the leading suppliers supported by leading manufacturers of science lab equipment and laboratory products. Here is an overview of the different types of laboratory supplies.

Cell culture equipment and microplates through laboratory suppliers

Laboratory suppliers like Thermoline often produce entire ranges of cell culture products and biochemical processing systems. These systems are widely used in protein based drug analysis and production. The manufacturing process makes ample use of disposable technology, animal derivatives, low component media production and optimised systems.

Different formats and combinations of cellular culture dishes, many ranges of microplate covers, flasks containing cell culture fluids and extensive range of microplates are manufactured by these laboratory suppliers. Speciality cell inserts are also one of the product ranges.

Chromatography supplies

Laboratory suppliers who fulfill the requirement of leading science labs often produce consumable items like high quality HPLC, SPE and GC phases for chromatography. There are a lot of exclusive and original designing sensibilities that are used for chemistry lab work.

One example is the high quality 1.9 µ 1D columns which are specially manufactured to reduce acetonite usage by 80%. Companies which supply chromatography reagents and derivatization reagents actually help in the scientific processes of liquid chromatography, gaseous chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography.

Laboratory suppliers also produce HPLC columns, specialised cartridges used in chromatography process a chromatography beads of the particle size 3 (µ meter) and 7 (µ meter). The IC columns and the low pressure LC columns are also manufactured by top laboratory suppliers.

Temperature and Humidity Chambers

About temperature and humidity chambers

Non-refrigerated temperature and humidity chambers are extensively used as testing chambers in research laboratories and institutes. They are available in 150L and 460L capacities and are ideally suited for maintaining precise temperature between +50C and +800C and relative humidity between 30% and 90%.

Image of the The TPG-6000-TH - Temperature and Humidity ChambersTemperature and humidity chambers are completely insulated to protect the samples within from outside influence. Easy monitoring is possible in non-refrigerated CSK Scientific’s temperature and humidity chambers through a cable point access. The shelves can be adjusted according to convenience and sturdy castors make it so easy to clean and move your non-refrigerated temperature and humidity chambers.

Large Capacity Refrigerated Storage temperature,  humidity chambers

Refrigerated temperature and humidity chambers with capacity ranging between 1250L and 2000L help you store essential samples and medicines without the fear of loss in quality or condition. Temperature and humidity chambers allow long-term storage samples in ideal temperature ranging between +100C and 600C and relative humidity between 20% and 90%.

Large capacity refrigerated temperature and humidity chambers come with digital display and monitoring facility of temperature and humidity conditions and are fully insulated to maintain specifications set by you. The system is absolutely silent and free from polluting CFC emissions but surly needs to be Laboratory Equipment Service and Repair properly and on time. Refrigerated temperature and humidity chambers have sturdy castors for easy mobility and removable shelves for easy cleaning.

Scientific products by CSK Scientific, Peristaltic pumps

Scientific products Peristaltic Pumps

The peristaltic pump is a kind of pump which can pump many types of fluids. The fluid content of these scientific products is placed inside flexible tubes and routed through circular pumps with their own casing. There is a rotor which has a number of attached rollers, wipers, lobes and shoes.

CSK Scientific products used in medical processes and research labs

Image of Scientific products by  CSK Scintific

Scientific Product by CSK Scientific

When the rotor is turned a part of the tube which is under severe compression is tightly closed and this makes the fluid flow fast through the tube. When the tube opens up to its previous natural state, fluids flow through the pump. This process is known as Peristalsis. These scientific products are used in medical processes and research labs.

CSK Scientific products – Laboratory ovens

Laboratory ovens are high volume Thermoline scientific products applications which utilise thermal convection currents. Uniform high temperatures are produced by these ovens and some of the applications of these ovens are annealing, curing, drying and baking. These scientific products/ ovens are variously sized and can range from one cubic foot to about 33 feet.

There are many applications for these scientific products like cleaning rooms, producing forced convection currents, providing horizontal airflow in an inert atmospheres etc.

These scientific products are just some of the examples of the amazing range of laboratory equipment manufactured by Thermoline and distributed by CSK Scientific a division of CSK Group.

Microbiological incubators

CSK Group offer great variety of microbiological incubators for every goal. Supply is divided into 2 main series.

Standard incubators available

The Function Line series offers standard incubators in 3 sizes for routine work in microbiological laboratory. The 6000 series offer 6 different sizes a great variety of add-ons like documenting temperature, upper temperature control, timer and more.
The inside of the incubator at the two series is made from stainless steel, with removable shelfs and minimum temperature deviations. The incubators are available with a fan for homogeny spread of the temperature.

CSK Group options

CSK Group, laboratory supplies, is providing two type of cooling incubators.